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If you or a member of your family has been involved in a traffic accident, it is clear that you are concerned about being able to obtain the damages you are entitled to. It must be fair compensation compared to what happened, and this means that the amount of compensation must be as high as possible in light of the concrete circumstances of the case, whether it is the so-called “Whiplash” or the fatal accident.

It is not always easy, however, to be able to obtain truly fair compensation, also because insurance companies which, as is well known, are not charities tend to settle road accidents with the least possible outlay.

It is a mechanism governed by articles 149 and 150 private and from the cd. CARD, which is the Convention between Insurers for Direct Motor TPL compensation (stipulated in implementation of Presidential Decree no. 254 of 18 July 2006).

In a nutshell, this procedure applies to road accidents:

  • that only two vehicles are involved;
  • with plate;
  • registered in Italy;
  • with damage to things;
  • with any personal injury not exceeding 9% of permanent biological damage.