About the Elizabethan Period

Queen Elizabeth I reigned in England from 1558 to 1603. This period is known as the Elizabethan period.

Note: Although the term “Elizabethan” is used in some circles to mean “16th century western Europe”, that’s not how it’s used on this website. Elizabethan means 1558-1603, England. Not 1550. Not 1610. Not France, or Spain, or Germany. Fifteen-fifty-eight. Sixteen-oh-three. England. Don’t make me come over there and remind you.

About ElizabethanGeek.com

This is a website for people who are obsessed with the minutiae of Elizabethan life. That probably means you. Yes, you, the one in the pansied slops and peascod!

When I realised that my desire to put Elizabethan resources online was outstripping the ability of my personal homepage to hold those resources, I decided to register this domain and put them all together.

Most of my plans for this site involve outrageous database fantasies, few (if any) of which I actually have time to do. However, the wishlist includes:

Costume picture database – searchable by date/sex/class/artist/subject, with reviews/essays by contributors analysing the clothing in each picture
Database of Elizabethan ingredients, recipes and cookery books
Database of Elizabethan plants, based on the contents of period herbals
Database of Elizabethan worldly goods as found in wills and inventories… for instance, search by class, date, etc and find out what sort of tablewear they used
Collection of Elizabethan music in various useful formats

Resources for the Elizabethan History Fanatic