Post-Accident Deals For You: The Right Lawyer To Support You Now

Victim of a bodily accident? How to be compensated? It all depends on the type of bodily injury, on board a car 75% of bodily injury or in the context of your private life. The injury lawyers are there for you now.

Personal Injury Compensation: The Rule

Driver, victim of a traffic accident, you are compensated by the insurer responsible for your bodily injury if you are not responsible for the accident. If applicable, you can only receive compensation for your bodily injury if you have taken out a specific guarantee in your car insurance contract: the driver’s bodily accident guarantee. If you were involved in a car accident in Philadelphia, contact our partner Philadelphia Injury Lawyers P.C. they offer a free consultation.

The driver’s bodily injury coverage is included in all the formulas of our auto insurance contracts. It’s up to you to choose one of the 3 levels of guarantee offered with a compensation limit between $182,749 and $ 1,074,883. The Personal injury attorney is perfect now.

Focus On The Driver Personal Injury Cover

Driver protection intervenes when there is bodily injury or death of the driver following a traffic accident: whether or not he is responsible for the accident. The damage actually suffered is compensated. In case of injuries are covered: medical costs, related to the assistance of a third person, home improvement, loss of professional earnings, academic, sexual prejudice, suffering endured. In the event of death, the medical costs before death, the funeral costs but also the economic and moral damage loss of affection of the beneficiaries are covered. A lawyer for you will be useful in every way now.

Please Note, However, Insurance Does Not Apply When:

  • The vehicle registration certificate has been withdrawn from the driver; he drove with a blood alcohol level or used narcotic drugs; the accident is the result of suicide or attempted suicide;
  • The driver’s health worsened after the accident due to intentional non-compliance with medical prescriptions or negligence to seek treatment.

Road Accident: Time And Amount Of Compensation

The insurer compensates its insured before eventually turning against the insurer of the person responsible for the accident. It compensates for the damage suffered from the supporting documents produced or after medical expertise if the gravity of the injuries so requires. A law firm is the best choice for you now. He must make an offer of compensation covering all the consequences of bodily injury, depending on the guarantee chosen, within:

  • 8 months after the accident;
  • Or within 3 months of the victim’s request for compensation if the liability is not disputed and the damage has been fully quantified.
  • Namely: the amount of benefits paid as compensation by any social security, or by the employer is deducted from the compensation granted by the insurer.

The offer is final or provisional if the victim’s state of health is not consolidated. The victim can accept the offer and then denounce it within 15 days, request a new offer, refuse it. It receives the funds in the month following the expiration of this period of 15 days after its acceptance. Go for the law firms for you now.

Note: the file of compensated victims provides information on the compensation granted to victims of traffic accidents after a transactional agreement or legal process. It provides an idea of the amounts awarded for a comparable situation. An attorney is the best choice for you now.

Personal Accident In The Context Of Private Life

Does a daily accident cause permanent disability or death? You can use the Life Accident Guarantee if you have subscribed to it. If the intervention threshold you have chosen is reached, the GAV intervenes to compensate you in the event of a domestic, medical or assault accident. The attorneys will help you in every way now.

Compensation For Bodily Injury

The compensation depends on the formula chosen and the AIPP threshold (Permanent impairment of Physical and Psychic Integrity) from which you want to be compensated: 5%, 10%, 30%. The lower the rate chosen, the better you are covered. Taking the Legal help is the best choice here.

Deadline For Compensation For Bodily Injury To The Insured

An expert doctor appointed by the insurer assesses the consequences of the accident and in particular the rate of AIPP. If the insured is deceased, the damage is assessed on the basis of supporting documents provided by relatives. The compensation takes the form of a capital paid within the limit of the guarantee ceiling or the lump sum provided for in the contract. The best legal help is right here.

The compensation offer is made within 5 months of the date on which the insurer is informed of the victim’s consolidation or death. Payment of the sums is made within 15 days of acceptance of the offer of compensation. A personal consultation can be useful here.

You can insure yourself, with your spouse and with your dependent children, including during their year of study abroad. And if you are a professional, you can take the Professional Accidents option which allows you to be covered in the event of an accident during your professional activity declared in the contract.

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